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spatial concept GAMBOA iiI / Avenida Paulista
Avenida Paulista exhibition, BEATRIZ MILHAZES MASP - São Paulo, SP, Brasil

The singular Paulista Avenue Show, 2020/2021, MASP, allowed once again  an important crossover between the work of the renowned plastic artist Beatriz Milhazes and the choreographic universe from Marcia Milhazes Dança Companhia de Dança .


The Gamboa III Spatial Concept and the performance search for the possibility of building 'poetic arches in a unique, exciting field, where 'structures and chains of gesture scores inscribed in the bodies/interpreters' of a man and a woman subvert space in an intimate dramaturgy. The complex and sensitive geometry of Beatriz Milhazes' painting shelters us and invites us to be part of a movement. An adventure that immerses itself in the fantasy of a loving forest of meaning.


 Note The 6-minute film of the choreographic intervention, recorded with the painting Avenida Paulista, which belongs to the permanent collection of MASP, donated by the artist, is available to the collection.

Marcia MILHAZES Companhia de Dança

Artistic Direction ,Conception and Choreography –Marcia Milhazes

Intérpretes– Ana Amélia Vianna and Domenico Salvatore

Cinematography editing  – Rodrigo Monteiro

Additional photography – Daniel Cabrel

Photography - Eduardo Ortega

Executive production – Marcia MILHAZES Companhia de Dança Ltda.


Beatriz MILHAZES, Avenida Paulista, MASP ,2020

Adriano Pedrosa, Curator and Artistic Director, MASP

Ivo Mesquita, Independent Curator

Amanda Carneiro-Assistant Curator of MASP

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