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Best Dance show of 2017 by the newspapers O Globo and State of São Paulo. Nominated - APCA Award (São Paulo Association of Art Critics - 2017) - Best Dance show of the first semester of 2017. Second part of an unfinished trilogy, which addresses the universe of letters - Love letters, these written by anonymous and representing a delicate theme: existence. The choreographic work delves into the emotional field of a couple. Together, without a dividing line, they propose that the real world be confused with that of the senses. The two make attempts at affective connections. A free space that moves you between the force of a noisy silence and the world that welcomes you. Barroca chamber music, with rare works from the first phase of this period with harpsichord, viola da gamba, baroque violin and Renaissance flutes, weaves the narrative of these bodies flooded with gestures - words. Bodies - letters. 2017/2018 - Sesc Bom Retiro, SP; Sesc Copacabana, RJ; Cidade das Artes, RJ; Cacilda Becker Theater, SP; Darcy Ribeiro Film School, RJ; We are a family owned and operated business.

Choreographer / Artistic Director / Conception - Marcia Milhazes
Dancers - Ana Amélia Vianna and Domenico Salvatore
Light design - Marcia Milhazes and Glauce Milhazes

Musical Direction - Eduardo Antonello

Musicians - Eduardo Antonello, Pedro Hasselman and Roger Lagr

Soundtrack - Eduardo Antonello and Marcia Milhazes

Costume Design - Marcia Milhazes
Costume Making - Eunice Muniz
Photography - Ana Clara Miranda and Alex Ribeiro
Graphic designer and promotional video - Edson Lopes


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