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camélia- margarida version
CReATIVe INVASiOn Maternidade / Cidade Matarazzo

Five three-dimensional chromatic chandeliers project at the entrance to the historic and masterful São Paulo architectural building, Maternidade / Cidade Matarazzo bent over the golden scene, dance artists draw with their bodies, gestures divided into three interludes like sonnets whispered to each other. The scene is revealed in a rigorous structure of movements, and they form a large collage filling an invisible field of the soul. Intimate dance converting performers, scenery, music and architecture that surround them in a loving mass, moved by the desire to walk inside the other and rescue memories.

The soundtrack goes through a special adventure that reveals the memories of 18th century Brazilian music for harpsichord and viola da gamba, going through modernism and concretism. Virtually unknown works and composers. The voices from the living memory of indigenous children of the Guarani Tribe - former owners of Terra Brasil - inserted within this forgotten world. Songs and sounds that reveal the sacred. Cultural values ​​that evoke existence.

The desire is to reflect on ourselves, contemporary people and, thus, the sense of being reborn.

We invite the public to enter the space, to share time. Gesture can immerse ourselves in a sophisticated kaleidoscopic journey.

Artistic direction / choreography - Marcia MILHAZES

Curator Chief - Marc Pottier

Interpreters - Ana Amélia Vianna, Aline Arakaki and Elton Sacramento

Set - Beatriz MILHAZES

Light Design - Glauce Milhazes

Soundtrack-collage - Marcia MILHAZES

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