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Inspired by the fantastic world of three couples; Olga Kniper and Anton Tcheckov, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva and Aspard Szenes, Simone de Beauvoir and Nelson Algreen.

The intimate writing of a man and a woman, which evoke a set of situations of human dimension in the ardor for a language of love, without words. Gestures like flowers in the field, weave a network of infinite readings inscribed in the couple's soul. They kidnap, cancel each other, restore themselves.

Real, whispered senses, diverted to transfigure, shift in the creation of new space relationships, where time passes, in the apparent real world. One body within the other, dreamer, ridiculous, sensitive, perplexed, supportive, homesick, bitter, subtle, lonely, grateful, frightened, innocent ...

Choreographer / Artistic Director / Conception - Marcia Milhazes
Dancers - Ana Amélia Vianna and Domenico Salvatore
Light design - Marcia Milhazes and Glauce Milhazes

Costume Design - Marcia Milhazes

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