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paz e amor

APCA - São Paulo Art Critics - 2020 award nomination for CREATION category. The world is confronted with a demanding, uncertain moment, caused by Covid 19. We present two solos that communicate and wish to speak of an internal, invisible place, love. Gestures that float in search, of a noisy silence of the soul. The possibility of continuing to dream and celebrate the sensitive. Depositions. A declaration of love and hope We are all. Peace and love Two solos, a woman Ana Amélia and a man Domenico Salvatore, bring in their letters of gestures, materials created during social isolation and others, and which lead in an attempt to celebrate the sensitive as one of the ways to strengthen our existence. All assembly steps; choreography, design and direction, performed by choreographer Marcia Milhazes. Compositions created especially by musician Eduardo Antonello for piano, Jesse Ahman for cello, will talk to the genius of Heitor Villa Lobos Music and poem by Dora Vasconcelos interpreted by our precious Brazilian artist the singer Soraya Ravenle who kindly embraced this montage. Location: Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro (kindly supported and opened the space for this broadcast) The broadcast os this choreographic work is a part of the project #emcasacomsesc, by SESC São Paulo.

Choreographer / Artistic Director / Conception - Marcia Milhazes
Dancers - Ana Amélia Vianna and Domenico Salvatore
Light design / Costume Design - Marcia Milhazes 

Soundtrack / Collage - Marcia Milhazes

Melodia Sentimental - Heitor Vila Lobos - poetry Dora Vasconcelos - singer a capella Soraya Ravenle

Piano solo - Reencontro - Eduardo Antonello

Steve Reich - composition for wood - free version 

Jesse Ahmann - Montana cellist - solo composition  for cello

Jo Brunenberg - Valse de la Fermeture Définitive

Cinematographer - Alexandre Maia

Light operator - Cristiano Ferreira

Sound operator - Daniel Vasques

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