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SEMPRE SEU, - art 

Presented at Oi Futuro, Flamengo in December 2015 to February 2016. A choreographic experience where the language of gesture is intimately related to other artistic means - visual arts, photography, video, architecture, baroque music - de-aestheticizing and seeking an intertwining their doings. Participation of the internationally renowned visual artist Beatriz Milhazes.

Choreographer / Artistic Director / Conception - Marcia Milhazes

Curation of Visual Arts - Alberto Saraiva
Visual Artists - Beatriz Milhazes / Chico Cunha

Photography - Ana Clara Miranda

Video Installation and Video Editing - Gustavo Gelmini / Marcia Milhazes

Musical Direction - Eduardo Antonello

Musicians - Eduardo Antonello, Roger Lagr and Pedro Hasselman

Soundtrack - Eduardo Antonello

Light design - Marcia Milhazes and Glauce Milhazes

Executive Production - Marcia Milhazes and Glauce Milhazes

Dancers - Aline Arakaki, Ana Amélia Vianna and Elton Sacramento

Costume Design - Marcia Milhazes
Costume Making - Antonia Fróes

Graphic Design - Edson Lopes / Marcia Milhazes

Cinematography Choreographic Work - John CM

Occupation Images - Pepe Schettino

Press Office - Mário Canivello Comunicação / Leila Grimming

Light Technician - Rodrigo Lopes

Image Treatment - Mickele Petruccelli


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